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How We Do It/Donate


We need more individual donors to take up the slack by buying one or two of the 200 Club ‘shares’ and donating on a monthly basis. This is a 200 Club with a slight difference - there is no monthly draw and no financial dividend. Nothing for something, you know it makes sense!


An investment of £10/€10 a month will buy you one share in this unique venture, but your only reward will be the knowledge that you are making a difference to someone you have never met, and probably never will meet, on the other side of the world. Two shares mean double the expenditure and double the difference; no strings attached and no small print.


Alternatively it would also be great if you could get sponsored for any special events you may be undertaking or even just make a one off donation. Not matter how little or how much you raise, it all helps.


The Trust has a bank current account with the Charities Aid Foundation (CAF Bank) which also has an online debit/credit card donation facility as part of its set up. Details are given below. Please feel free to offer this service on any sponsorship forms you devise.


Account Name:       The Ann, Ciara and Niamh Copeland 200 Club Trust Fund

Sort Code:             40-52-40

Account Number:    00027301   

Online Donation Site:!

Cheques can be paid into the account at any branch of HSBC bank


It is also possible to make an international payment in to the account from a non UK bank account; let me know if you want the details (SWIFT BIC code, IBAN number etc).

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